The command-line is awesome

But building on it has been hard for web developers. Vorpal is a framework that makes it easy to build mature, immersive command-line applications in JavaScript.

Simple Syntax

Use familiar JavaScript syntax and chained methods to build commands and customize your application.

Powerful Defaults

Vorpal has built-in tabbed autocompletion for your commands and options, persistent command history, piping and automated help pages.

Immersive Experience

Most command-line applications do something and then exit. Vorpal engages your users in a rich, interactive environment entirely under your control.

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Vorpal is built on Node.js and installed through npm, Node's package manager.

Your app is based on commands you build.

While easy to create, commands can accept optional and required arguments, options, help descriptions and custom tabbed autocompletion among other features, making your app flexible for the perfect customizations.

Vorpal was designed to mirror the Linux shell.

That means piping, persistent command history and all those little details you love are now first-class citizens in your application.

Prompt your users for information with flexible prompts including checklists, multi-selects, password inputs and confirm dialogs using Node's most popular prompting library.

Build customizable autocompletion for your commands and their options.

While Vorpal is incredibly simple to get started with, it's packed with a powerful API that can customize any aspect of your application.

If you can imagine it, you can build it with Vorpal.

Get Started

vorpal tutorial
Read a Tutorial

Read a detailed tutorial that walks you through building a new Vorpal application from scratch.

vorpal wiki
Visit the Wiki

Visit the Vorpal Wiki for API documentation and helpful tips.

vorpal chat
Chat with Others

Use Gitter to chat with other people developing applications with Vorpal.

Who's using Vorpal?

While still young, Vorpal is already helping Open Source developers build a brand new breed of immersive command-line applications.

Mozilla Raptor

Vorpal helped Mozilla developers in making Raptor, a performance tester for Firefox.


German developer Michael K├╝hnel used Vorpal in building an app for controlling iTunes playback from your terminal.


Developer Giovanni Parra used Vorpal to create a command-line app for interacting with Trello.

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